Sociology dating curve

30-Nov-2017 08:50

The phenomenon of hook-up culture hasn’t exactly been portrayed positively in the media; it’s become an integral seam in the fabric of a narrative that depicts today’s youth as tech-obsessed, indecisive and incapable of commitment.

In an effort to explore and deconstruct these perceptions, Lisa Wade, Ph D, an associate professor of Sociology conducted a study of hook-up culture in colleges across the US, which culminated in her book American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus.

Moreover, Internet dating can be viewed as a potential advancement of the use of new technologies in the postmodern world.

Marked by constant change, postmodern society now "infiltrates every sphere of social life" (Morgado, 1996, p44).

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Centrality: used in sociology to indicate how well a node is connected.

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Wade’s book was born from a desire to repair the disconnect between what she saw among the students in her classrooms and what was being reported in the media – with an angle to exploring, but also removing some of the stigma attached to, this freshly highlighted hook-up culture.

And the second major transition is with the rise of the Internet.”, who swipe as many as 1.4 billion times a day – it’s an unparalleled force to be reckoned with.