Webcam chat without crdit card

27-Jul-2017 00:21

The article enlists a few tips on how to keep your financial health in good shape which will go a long way in not just getting the credit cards you desire, but also any other kind of borrowing you may need or wish.

Do a quick health check up of your finances with this article. With a galore of credit cards in the market, we know it’s not easy to find a card that is just right for you.

Paul: During our startup days I was having trouble getting a merchant account with a bank to take online payments from our customers. Whenever I went to the bank to sort out an e-commerce payment gateway they had a problem that we weren’t selling our own tours.

They wouldn’t give us an e-commerce payment gateway account for that reason.

That was when our web developers OM4 suggested I check out the option of using e-Path.

I contacted e-Path and it was super easy to get things going. Once they click on the authorisation, they enter their credit cart details into e-Path’s secure system.

Click here to join Imlive To pay by paypal or paysafecard at Imlive, click on “get more” at the top, then at the bottom of the credit page, click on “change payment options” and then click on the credits amount.

As soon as customers are ready to purchase I send them a unique payment authorisation link. We can then retrieve their credit card details from e-Path and charge their credit card using our EFTPOS terminal.

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