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20-Jan-2018 09:44

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Their well-documented breakup was splashed across headlines, because Minaj allegedly chased him out of her house with a baseball bat, and started hitting a Mercedes-Benz that she owned, but had loaned to Samuels.

Before any ghostwriting allegations were made, Meek grilled SB on his "twerking" skills, as displayed in a viral video that recently hit the web.

And he didn't shy away from any topic—even if he was a little vague about certain things (like who broke up with whom)."I walked away.

I'm not going to say I broke up, but I'm the one who walked away. And it got to the point where I was being treated like an employee, instead of like her man."And going back to the Twitter war fiasco, Samuels said, "I would never do anything publicly to try to pull her down.

I packed up my stuff and I left," he said, but did offer some more insight as to what the problem within their relationship was."I just got to the point where the respect wasn't there," he continued. So it got the point where it was like, I'm your man. Whatever happens between me and her one on one is what it is, that's personal.

I would never put that out there."I could be out here telling a million stories and doing cornball s--t, but I'm not gonna do that and I never plan on doing that.The It seems Meek Milly got what he wanted out of telling Nicki about her man’s infidelity. He was seeking money from Nicki’s popular song “Only” featuring Chris Brown, Drake and Lil Wayne, as well as the Beyonce-featured singles “Flawless (Remix)” and “Feeling Myself.” “I had started a process, and then I just was like ‘You know what?

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