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23-Nov-2017 18:40

For instance, grey is the colour of detachment, indecision and compromise.

The closer grey fades to black, the more dramatic and mysterious it becomes.

Many countries in Europe, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong, have used bright, colourful Battenburg Markings for decades to Fortunately, the RCMP, internationally known for its scarlet red uniforms, has maintained vivid colour schemes.

It suggests RCMP officers are not lurking in the shadows waiting to get you. So where’s this antagonistic ‘design of darkness’ coming from? Canada is among the most peaceful nations in the world, welcoming and celebrating diverse nationalities and cultures. And our police culture — how officers show up — needs to reflect who we are as a nation.

In Barrie, city councillors have asked the police board to explain the “business case and research done” to rebrand the city’s cruisers from white to navy blue, the Barrie Examiner reported last week.“The current (navy blue) colour scheme and inability to distinguish between a soccer mom and a police car appears to be counter-intuitive,” Councillor Michael Prowse told the newspaper.“Thus far, this has been the only negative ‘backlash’ we have seen,” Barrie Police Service Const. “We pride ourselves on being connected and engaged to our community by our daily actions, rather than the colour of our vehicles.”Former Toronto police chief Julian Fantino said the criticism today reminds him of the blowback when officer shirts changed from baby blue to black.“We got that with the black shirts, this flurry of rhetoric about stormtroopers and back to the Nazi era, and on and on.

VANCOUVER (NEWS1130) – They’re supposed to project a feeling of safety and control, but what happens if they intimidate you instead?

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Toronto’s police force isn’t the only Canadian municipal law enforcement agency to give its vehicles a makeover that critics say makes them seem more militarized, aggressive and also, possibly, less safe.

The civilian oversight board has asked for a report on the fleet and Saunders hasn’t ruled out backtracking on the planned rollout.

When the Calgary Police Service went looking for a design change, it switched the colour of its cars from white — with red and blue stripes — to a black-and-white paint job.

Instead of the traditional white, blue, and red, the city's fleet of vehicles will be replaced with grey cars, complete with black and white lettering.

And Toronto isn't the first city to make-over its cars.Police fleets in Vancouver and Calgary have both switched to a stealthy looking black and grey paint scheme.