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Star Scientific hoped that Virginia’s public universities would perform research studies on anatabine, and Williams wanted Governor Mc Donnell’s assistance in obtaining those studies.” According to court filings, to convict the Mc Donnells, the Government was required to show that Governor Mc Donnell committed (or agreed to commit) an “official act” in exchange for the loans and gifts.

The case was argued in the Supreme Court in April 2016, and SCOTUS decided on the case in June 2016 (see SCOTUS case here in PDF).

I’d be ok with the president having more exceptions than even the rank and file employees, because this is …

an actual prohibited holdings statute.” In terms of penalties, Shaub said, “you’re just a violator,” and there could be a requirement that the president who violates the rule simply has to divest his or her assets.

Integrity significantly enhances the filing, review, and program management aspects of the executive branch public financial disclosure program.

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Striving to ensure that there is no conflict of interest in actions taken by Executive Branch employees, or any appearance of conflicts of interest, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) works closely with every Executive Branch agency. Office of Government Ethics (OGE) is issuing this legal advisory to emphasize that the Supreme Court’s holding in Mc Donnell does not affect other applicable prohibitions on Federal employees’ solicitation or acceptance of gifts, including 5 U. These prohibitions apply to anything having monetary value unless the item is excluded from the definition of “gift” under 5 C. R § 2635.203(b) or qualifies for one of the narrowly tailored exceptions set forth in 5 C. While rules and regulations set the bare minimum ethics standards, the ethical principles — OGE has 14 of them — fill in where individual rules might not specifically apply to a particular ethics case.

This could be something like a federal employee not engaging in public service for private gain, Shaub offered by way of example.“That’s the cure for violating the rules,” Shaub said.

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