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A Pink is on every Henecians radar after Kim Hyun-joong stated that he adored their “cuteness” from afar.

The SS501 leader and current solo artist admitted to being in love/dating a special lady just five months ago on , but one lucky lady was Hyun-joong‘s winter love.

It is always a nice topic to have the news of big stars.

Previously, two leads of "Descendants of the Sun" have confirmed that they were not dating.If, one day, I’m met with a dilemma about acting, singing, and holding concerts, I’ll get married then.” Then what about dating?Kim Hyun Joong said straightforwardly, “If I said I don’t, it would be a lie.Activities can be enjoyed with a trip to the trails hyun yoona is joong kim is a great way to yoona dating disappear into a bit of fantasy. Would just assume we were any regular group of friends so that.

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