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30-Dec-2017 16:08

The founder and president of the Host Club and quite the charmer (even though he comes off as a well-meaning idiot half the time).

Tamaki likes to think of himself as the "daddy" of the Host Club, and thinks of Haruhi as his "daughter".

The vice-president of the Host Club, and one of Tamaki's closest friends.

Kyouya tends to take a more responsible approach to the club's activities, and tries to make sure that Tamaki and the others don't go overboard.

Dating sim, visual novel, adventure game – with great characters and clever writing, it is a series that is ripe for video game pickings.

Ordinary High School kids forced to grow within and together in order to survive, I don’t know, say a demon invasion.

Ouran Academy: An institution of extravagance and prestige where learning comes secondary to luxury.