Updating kernal

08-Feb-2018 10:21

updating kernal-1

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You have to make a full system upgrade by choosing option number "2" from the menu.After that, go ahead and reboot your system to take effect through option number "15" then every single piece of software should be up-to-date automatically.Ukuu is maintained and developed by Tee Jee Tech’s Tony George.It’s a Gtk UI and command line tool, so you can use it on Desktop and Server editions.

updating kernal-16

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After selecting the desired kernel, hit the install button to complete the task. But, one needs to do so on a regular basis to make sure that one’s system is secure from hacking attacks.You don’t have to deal with all the hassle to update your Linux kernel.By using Ukuu (Ubuntu Kernel Update Utility), a simple app with clean GUI, you can install d by Canonical.Here's how you can receive updates with simple commands through either our dedicated repository for ODROIDs specific packages or the official Debian one for pretty much everything else.

updating kernal-4

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I recommend doing this instantly after flashing new images to receive all possible fixes & optimizations.Very often, updating a kernel also fixes many issues, brings stability improvements, and updates the drivers.