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02-Dec-2017 03:57

A total of 23 people were arrested in the police operation over the weekend, including a man surnamed Fung, who is believed to be the mastermind of the syndicate, six women and two men who worked for him, and nine men and five women who participated in the “compensated dating” scheme, Sing Tao Daily reports, citing police officers at a media briefing on Sunday.

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Precision Pricing™ saves money for student loan clients by using your budget to determine a unique rate and term—down to the month. The phenomenon of enjo kosai, also known as “compensated dating” and variants of the “JK business” (JK stands for joshi-kosei or high school girl) continue to facilitate the prostitution of Japanese children.”Sophisticated and organized prostitution networks target vulnerable Japanese women and girls — often in poverty or with mental and intellectual disabilities — in public areas such as subways, popular youth hangouts, schools, and online; some of these women and girls become trafficking victims.”, also known as “high school walking, where girls are offered money to accompany men on walks, in cafes, or to hotels, and engage in commercial sex.” VICE followed up on the report with video titled “Schoolgirls for Sale.” What is going on in Japan? However, actual adulthood in Japan is set at age 20, and there are laws prohibiting “inducing a minor” under age 18.