Dating for guys with small weiners

14-Sep-2017 13:49

Carol Queen, staff sexologist at Good Vibrations, agrees, saying that plenty of women have partners who are smaller than average, and they have enjoyable sex."Many guys who are smaller than average learn other pleasuring skills, such as oral sex, and don't rely on penis alone."Cavanah suggests adding a vibrating ring to a small penis or using the We-Vibe 4, which hugs the clitoris and G-spot during intercourse for added stimulation. Take our poll: If You Had Your Pick, What Penis Is "Ideal" for You?Sure, size queens might be all about girth but for a lot of us, it doesn’t really matter.

Attention total tops – now is your opportunity to try something new! You're super excited to open his, um, package, but what if you discover that Santa left you a small lump of coal this time instead of your own... Sorry, shorties."I dated a man for about four months who had a really, really tiny penis. "I wasn't sure I was attracted to him in the first place, so when he turned out to have a really small penis, I decided I wasn't that into it.""I stuck my hand inside his pants to get a better grasp on the situation.